Richard Kemble


was  born in 1932 in Erie, Pennsylvania. Having taught for almost twenty  years at the State University at Buffalo and later as professor at Pratt  Institute in New York City, he gave up academics after having received  one of the first print-maker’s fellowships from the National Endowment  for the Arts in 1974.  During his lifetime, Kemble created more than 350 print editions, most of them woodcuts. For  the last 20 years of his life he devoted his principal attention to  creating art at his residences in Key West ,FL and Nantucket, MA. He  passed away in 2007.

Selected Exhibitions and Collections

EXHIBITIONS:   Abright Knox Art Gallery, Buffalo; Akron Art Institute, OH; Allentown Art  Museum, PA; Associated American Artists, New York City; Brandeis  University, Waltham, MA; Dallas Public Library; Elaine Horowitz Gallery,  Scottsdale, AZ; Fendrich Gallery, Washington DC; Forager House  Collection, Nantucket; Gallery Daberkow, Frankfurt, Germany; Gloucester  County College, NJ; Hunterdon Art Center, Clinton, NJ; International  Print Society; New Hope, PA; Kameyama Art  Exhibition, Kyoto, Japan; Key West Museum of Art and History, FL; Kresge  Art Center, University of Michigan; Main Street Gallery, Nantucket;  Montclair Art Museum, NJ; Museum of Modern Art, Sao Paulo, Brazil;  Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece; Museum of Contemporary  Crafts, New York City; Newark Museum, NJ; New  Jersey State Museum, Trenton; Philadelphia Art Alliance; Philadelphia  Art Museum; Pratt Institute, New York City; The Print Club,  Philadelphia; Silvermine Guild of Artists, CT; Sambol Art Gallery,  Guatamala City; Suzuki Gallery, New York City; Temple University,  Philadelphia; The Windsors Gallery, Miami; Larry Winn Galleries,  Seattle;  Lucky Street Gallery, Key West;  4 India St Gallery,  Nantucket;  Gato Building, Key West.

COLLECTIONS:    Allentown Art Museum, PA; Art in the Embassies; Artists Association of  Nantucket; Bank of Tokyo; Bristol Myers Squibb; Camden County Library,  NJ; Chicago Title Insurance Company; Circle F Industries; Deutsche Bank,  Frankfurt; du Pont; Eastern Airlines;  Educational Testing Service,  Princeton;  Fidelity Bank, Philadelphia; Firestone Library, Princeton  University; Firemenich Inc.; Free Library of Philadelphia;  Gloucester  County College; Gulton Industries; Humana Health Care; Holiday Inns;  IBM; James Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA; Key West Museum of Art and  History; Kresge Art Center; Mercer Medical Center, Trenton; Morris  Museum of Arts and Sciences, Morristown, NJ; Museum of Modern Art, New  York City; Museum of Modern Art, Thessaloniki, Greece; Nantucket  Historical Association; New Jersey State Museum, Trenton; Newark Museum,  NJ; Newark Public Library, New Jersey; Neiman Marcus; Noyes Museum,  Oceanville, NJ; O’Hare International Airport, Chicago; Palm Aire Spa,  Palm Beach; Public Service, Newark, New Jersey; Reader’s Digest;  Sheraton Hotels; Smith-Kline Beckman; Tampa Airport; Trenton State  College, NJ; University of Pennsylvania; United States Information  Agency


Recent Richard Kemble Exhibits

Richard Kemble Flags are currently on exhibit at Lucky Street Gallery, Greene St, Key West, FL since March, 2019

An exhibition at the Gato Building, the Monroe County Council of the Arts,  Key West, FL was held May -October, 2015 

    A retrospective at The Gallery at Four India was held 01-31 July 2013, 4 India St, Nantucket, MA
An exhibition at Lucky Street Gallery, 540 Greene St, Key West FL was held Feb, 2013

Click below to view 12 minute tour of the 2013 Lucky Street Gallery Retrospective



Pratt Institute's Graphic Workshop provided Kemble a new venue for experimentation.  He studied under Al Blaustein and created a few aquatints.  But it was a class with Carol Summers that became the basis for more than 300 woodcuts.
The process used a plate (usually plywood or masonite) to create a design with color fields.  The plate was then cut apart in much the same way as a jigsaw puzzle.
Each piece was inked individually and then reassembled.  Japanese paper was placed on top of the inked surface and the ink was transferred to the paper by pressure, usually in the form of an inkless brayer.
The paper was then removed to another clean surface and sprayed with a solvent which brought the ink through the paper, creating a positive image.  It was then blotted to remove excess solvent and left to dry.

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Guide to Museums in the galleries below:

The images below, where applicable, show the museum(s) that are current owners of that work:

AAM - Allentown Art Museum, PA

AAN - Artists Association of Nantucket, MA

BMS - Bristol Myers Squibb, Princeton, NJ

CCMA - Cape Cod Museum of Art, Dennis

GCCC - Gloucester County Community College, NJ

FLPU - Firestone Library, Princeton Univ

KAC - Kresge Art Center, Michigan State Univ

KWMAH = Key West Museum of Art & History

MM - Michener Museum, Doylestown, PA

MMCA - Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece

MoMA - Museum of Modern Art, New York City

NAB - Nabisco Corp, NJ

NCS - North Country Day School, Lake Placid

NHA = Nantucket Historical Association

NJSM - New Jersey State Museum, Trenton

NM - Newark Museum, Newark, NJ

NPL - Newark Public Library, Newark, NJ

OIA - O'Hare International Airport, Chicago



During the 1960s and 70s, Kemble and his companion, George Korn, made numerous trips to pre-Columbian sites in Central and South America:  Teotihuacán, Tikal, Machu Picchu, Ushmal, Palenque, Copán and many others.

The Mayan glyphs, the ceramic pots, the textured surfaces all inspired Kemble to create a wealth of woodcuts, drawings and collages.  For several years he had a relationship with the Sombul Art Gallery in Guatamala City where he had a one-man show in 1981.


Kemble''s Windows series was executed in his Key West studio during the winter of 2004.  This burst of energy using sheets of gold leaf and oil pastels with strong colors reminds one of the work of the Fauve artists, the "wild beasts".

Approximately sixty drawings were done in the series.  Once again Kemble used numbers to identify his work.  Each measures 15 x 15 inches.

Kemble suffered a stroke during the summer of the same year.  He worked on art projects during his therapy but the Windows series was his last major output.



In 1975 and 1976, a series of over 100 "flag" collages were created which were all 10 x 12 inches. Using a variety of materials  including  wood  from  the  Nantucket  dump,  rags,  discarded  woodcuts  and  the  like,  this  creative  output was the subject of several exhibitions: the Allentown Art Museum, Temple University and the Main Street Gallery in Nantucket.  Kemble continued to create "flag" collages, drawings and oil pastels in spurts of creativity up until his death in 2007.  The estate is  still discovering  caches of  these flag  collages. Since none of  these were dated we don't  know when  they were created, but the various styles correspond to his other work

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A new 20-page book displaying newly-found Richard Kemble Flags (148 in all) can be viewed in PDF format by clicking on the link below: